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Latest Release Version2022.11.02

NebulaGraph DB v3.3.0

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This source code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, and supported by the community

Archived Release Version

Release Note v3.3.0



  • Fixed the crash of variable types collected. #4724

  • Fixed the crash in the optimization phase of multiple MATCH. #4780

  • Fixed the bug of aggregate expression type deduce. #4706

  • Fixed the incorrect result of the OPTIONAL MATCH statement to
    give an error message, because the WHERE clause of the OPTIONAL MATCH statement
    references variables defined by other MATCH statements that was not supported. #4670

  • Fixed the bug of parameter expression in the LOOKUP statement. #4664

  • Fixed the bug that YIELD DISTINCT returned a distinct result set in the LOOKUP statement. #4651

  • Fixed the bug that ColumnExpression encode and decode are not matched. #4413

  • Fixed the bug that id($$) filter was incorrect in the GO statement. #4768

  • Fixed the bug that full scan of MATCH statement when there is a relational In predicate. #4748

  • Fixed the optimizer error of MATCH statement.#4771

  • Fixed wrong output when using pattern expression as the filter in MATCH statement. #4778

  • Fixed the bug that tag, edge, tag index and edge index display incorrectly. #4616

  • Fixed the bug of date time format. #4524

  • Fixed the bug that the return value of the date time vertex was changed. #4448

  • Fixed the bug that the startup service failed when the log directory not existed and enable_breakpad was enabled. #4623

  • Fixed the bug that after the metad stopped, the status remained online. #4610

  • Fixed the corruption of the log file. #4409

  • Fixed the bug that ENABLE_CCACHE option didn't work. #4648

  • Abandoned uppercase letters in full-text index names. #4628

  • Disable COUNT(DISTINCT *) . #4553


  • Vertices without tags are not supported by default.
    If you want to use the vertex without tags, add --graph_use_vertex_key=true
    to the configuration files (nebula-graphd.conf) of all Graph services
    in the cluster, add --use_vertex_key=true to the configuration files (nebula-storaged.conf)
    of all Storage services in the cluster. #4629

NebulaGraph Products

NebulaGraph Studio v3.5.0

NebulaGraph Studio (Studio for short) is a web-based visualization tool for NebulaGraph. With Studio, you can create a graph schema, import data, edit nGQL statements for data queries, and explore graphs in one stop.

NebulaGraph Dashboard v3.2.0

NebulaGraph Dashboard is a tool that assists NebulaGraph service operation and maintenance personnel in daily service monitoring and management.

NebulaGraph Ecosystem Tools

NebulaGraph Clients v3.3.0

For developers to connect their projects to NebulaGraph.

NebulaGraph Console v3.3.1

NebulaGraph Console (Console for short) is a console for NebulaGraph. With Console, you can create a graph schema, import the demonstration nba dataset, and retrieve data.

NebulaGraph Bench v1.2.0

NebulaGraph Bench is a tool to test the NebulaGraph benchmark by using LDBC dataset.Currently. It only support NebulaGraph 2.0+ release.

NebulaGraph Importer v3.2.0

NebulaGraph Importer is a CSV importing tool. It reads data in the local CSV files and imports data into NebulaGraph.

NebulaGraph Exchange v3.3.0

NebulaGraph Exchange is to migrate both batch and streaming data of multiple formats from a distributed system to NebulaGraph.

NebulaGraph Flink Connector v3.3.0

NebulaGraph Flink Connector supports read data from NebulaGraph to Flink and write data to NebulaGraph from external sources.

NebulaGraph Spark Connector v3.3.0

NebulaGraph Spark Connector provides the capability to read data from and write data to NebulaGraph in a standard format required by Spark.

NebulaGraph Algorithm v3.0.0

NebulaGraph Algorithm is a Spark application based on GraphX. It uses a complete algorithm tool to perform graph computing on the data in the NebulaGraph database by submitting a Spark task.

NebulaGraph BR v3.3.0

Backup and Restore (BR) is a CommandLine Interface Tool to back up data of graph spaces of NebulaGraph and to restore data from the backup files.