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Latest Release Version2023.05.23

NebulaGraph DB v3.5.0

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This source code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, and supported by the community

Archived Release Version

Release Note v3.5.0


  • Support full table scan without index. #5416
  • Support UDF. #4804 #5391
  • Support expressions like v.tag in return statements. #5440
  • Support json_extract function in UPDATE statements. #5457
  • Support TCK format in EXPLAIN output. #5414
  • DML supports parameters. #5328


  • Support TTL in milliseconds. #5430
  • Enhance attribute trimming in aggregation functions. #5301
  • Improve the performance of traversal executor. #5308
  • Optimize FIND ALL PATH performance. #5409
  • Removes some Raft locks to improve performance. #5451
  • Optimize predicate function filtering for variable-length edges. #5464 #5470 #5481 #5503
  • Parallel traversal executor. #5314
  • MATCH supports ID collection. #5360
  • Refactor the GO planner. #5369
  • Add some Graph performance options in the configuration file. #5463
  • Add maximum connection number flag. #5309

Bug fixes

  • Fix the defect where RocksDB data import invalidates the leader lease. #5271
  • Fix the error message when DESC USER does not exist. #5345
  • Fix the defect where CREATE IF NOT EXIST fails when SPACE exists. #5375
  • Fix the incorrect edge direction in GetNeighbors plan. #5386
  • Fix the client IP format in the SHOW SESSIONS command. #5388
  • Fix the defect where attributes are pruned in USE and MATCH. #5263
  • Fix the defect where the filter is not pushed down in some cases. #5395
  • Fix the defect where the filter is incorrectly filtered in some cases. #5422
  • Fix the incorrect handling of internal variables in pattern expressions. #5424
  • Fix defects involving EMPTY comparisons. #5433
  • Fix the defect where duplicate columns are returned when all columns are requested in MATCH. #5443
  • Fix the error in comparing paths involving reflexive edges. #5444
  • Fix the defect of redefining aliases in a MATCH path. #5446
  • Fix the type check defect when inserting geographical location values. #5460
  • Fix the crash in a shortest path. #5472
  • Fix the crash in GEO. #5475
  • Fix the error in MATCH...contains. #5485
  • Fix the bug of incorrect session count in concurrency. #5496
  • Fix the defect of SUBGRAPH and PATH parameters. #5500
  • Fix the defect in regular expressions. #5507


  • Disable edge list join, not supporting the use of edge list in multiple patterns. #5268
  • Remove GLR parser, needs to change YIELD 1–-1 to YIELD 1– -1. #5290

NebulaGraph Products

NebulaGraph Studio v3.7.0

NebulaGraph Studio (Studio for short) is a web-based visualization tool for NebulaGraph. With Studio, you can create a graph schema, import data, edit nGQL statements for data queries, and explore graphs in one stop.

NebulaGraph Dashboard v3.4.0

NebulaGraph Dashboard is a tool that assists NebulaGraph service operation and maintenance personnel in daily service monitoring and management.

NebulaGraph Ecosystem Tools

NebulaGraph Clients v3.5.0

For developers to connect their projects to NebulaGraph.

NebulaGraph Console v3.5.0

NebulaGraph Console (Console for short) is a console for NebulaGraph. With Console, you can create a graph schema, import the demonstration nba dataset, and retrieve data.

NebulaGraph Bench v1.2.0

NebulaGraph Bench is a tool to test the NebulaGraph benchmark by using LDBC dataset.Currently. It only support NebulaGraph 2.0+ release.

NebulaGraph Importer v4.0.0

NebulaGraph Importer is a CSV importing tool. It reads data in the local CSV files and imports data into NebulaGraph.

NebulaGraph Exchange v3.5.0

NebulaGraph Exchange is to migrate both batch and streaming data of multiple formats from a distributed system to NebulaGraph.

NebulaGraph Flink Connector v3.5.0

NebulaGraph Flink Connector supports read data from NebulaGraph to Flink and write data to NebulaGraph from external sources.

NebulaGraph Spark Connector v3.4.0

NebulaGraph Spark Connector provides the capability to read data from and write data to NebulaGraph in a standard format required by Spark.

NebulaGraph Algorithm v3.1.0

NebulaGraph Algorithm is a Spark application based on GraphX. It uses a complete algorithm tool to perform graph computing on the data in the NebulaGraph database by submitting a Spark task.

NebulaGraph BR v3.3.0

Backup and Restore (BR) is a CommandLine Interface Tool to back up data of graph spaces of NebulaGraph and to restore data from the backup files.