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Comparing Graph RAG with Vector RAG and Text2Cypher

Graph RAG combines knowledge graphs with a large language model to provide more cost-effective, intelligent, and precise search results.

Querying Knowledge Graph with Natural Language

Using the information from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in Wikipedia as an example, this demonstrates how NebulaGraph Database utilizes large language models to help users achiev...

Introducing NebulaGraph Dashboard

NebulaGraph Dashboard is an out-of-the-box visualized cluster management tool. It enables cluster operations such as node management, service management, scaling in/out, and config...

Game of Thrones Character Relationships

In this dataset, we will use the visual graph exploration tool NebulaGraph Explorer to explore the publicly available data relationships in Game of Thrones.

Use NebulaGraph to explore shareholding networks

A generated dataset to demonstrate how relationships could be explored with NebulaGraph.

Game Pocket Monsters with NebulaGraph

In this case, we use the game's publicly available dataset, imported into NebulaGraph Explorer, to show you how to take advantage of the NebulaGraph to demonstrate the value of the...