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Use NebulaGraph to explore shareholding networks

This is a generated dataset with two kinds of vertices and four kinds of edges(relationships):

person can hold a corp in {share} % person can be relative with another person corp can hold another corp in {share} % corp can be a branch of another corp person can be as a role of a corp.


Within the playground, you can visually explore the shareholding data from select vertices(i.e. “c_132” with the name “Chambers LLC”) by selecting:


click this explored vertex dot, then you can explore from select vertices by selecting:

  • Edge Type
  • Direction
  • Steps
  • Query Limit(Optional)

note, you can click the 👁️ icon to add options to show fields of the graph,


After clicking Expand, you will see all queried relations with c_132 the Chambers LLC.


Alternatively, you could query nGQL via console like:

GO 1 TO 3 STEPS FROM "c_132" over * BIDIRECT;

Read for more of the dataset, refer to https://github.com/wey-gu/nebula-shareholding-example

Download sample dataset: shareholding-dataset