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NebulaGraph Case Studies

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Tencent, which provides various services, is a well-known Internet company. NebulaGraph is currently used in business scenarios such as security and knowledge graphs etc.
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WeChat is the largest instant messaging app in China. The WeChat team has adopted NebulaGraph to solve the challenge brought by super large data size.
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vivo is a global smartphone manufacturer. Their machine learning team has adopted NebulaGraph as the underlying KV store of their ML platform.
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Meituan is a Chinese local life service platform. Their NLP team has built their own graph database platform based on NebulaGraph for 40+ business scenarios such as intelligent assistant and search results recall.
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Kuaishou is a Chinese video-sharing app with hundreds of millions active users. They have adopted NebulaGraph to build their security intelligence platform.
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China Mobile
China Mobile is the largest communications service provider in China. Its business mainly covers a variety of communication and information services. NebulaGraph is used for anti-fraud, community discovery and other scenarios.
JD Tech
JD Digit is a leading global digital technology company, providing digital solutions for enterprises. They have adopted NebulaGraph for risk control purpose.
BestPay is a China Telecom subsidiary that runs its online payment and fintech businesses. The company uses NebulaGraph in data governance and data lineage.
WeBank is the first internet bank in China. They have embedded NebulaGraph in their big data processing platform for data lineage purpose.
Suning is a mature and complete online and offline smart retail company. NebulaGraph is used for smart operation and maintenance scenarios in its business development process.
OPPO is a global smart terminal device manufacturer in the field of mobile internet. At the same time, it also provides Internet software and services. NebulaGraph is used for its intelligent Q&A platform based on the knowledge graph.
TK.CN is the first professional Internet property insurance company established by a large domestic insurance company. NebulaGraph is used for data lineage, financial risk control, strategic marketing, etc.