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Announcing NebulaGraph Enterprise v3.6.0: Zone Management Added to Upgrade Business Security and Efficiency

We are thrilled to unveil the latest release of NebulaGraph Enterprise v3.6.0. This version brings a series of exciting features and improvements, significantly enhancing the user experience for enterprise clients in specific use-cases. Accompanying this release are NebulaGraph Explorer and Dashboard v3.6.0, offering an optimized visual graph exploration and maintenance experience. This post will delve into the key features now supported by NebulaGraph Enterprise v3.6.0.

Introduced Zone Management

Zone management is a pivotal feature that equips enterprise users with superior reliability and security for their data management, thereby ensuring business continuity. A Zone, referred to as a logical rack of storage nodes in NebulaGraph, segregates multiple Storage nodes into manageable logical zones for resource isolation. Specifically, the introduction of zone management empowers enterprises to achieve:

  • Improved safety and reliability: Zone management allows customers to seamlessly achieve disaster recovery for multiple machine rooms and avert data loss.

  • Lower cost and better efficiency: Zone management provides customers with superior control over maintenance costs and system efficiency. Customers can anticipate a significant reduction in cross-machine room access traffic and latency, while the system's throughput sees a marked improvement.


New Enhancements and Improved Usability

In addition to Zone management, NebulaGraph Enterprise v3.6.0 has introduced a series of crucial features and improvements.

  • Boosted efficiency of data exploration and analysis: this updated version now supports HTTP2 protocols and SSL mutual authentication (mTLS), fortifying the security of data transmission. Simultaneously, we have fine-tuned our support for INNER JOIN queries, providing customers with greater flexibility in data querying. Plus, the introduction of the FIND SINGLE SHORTEST PATH function empowers customers to swiftly pinpoint the single shortest path.
  • Upgraded performance stability: the optimization of deep queries and Aggregate operators has been taken to the next level, thereby accelerating the query speed and efficiency.
  • High availability: The addition of the 'partial success' monitoring indicator ensures that business operations, such as recommendations, remain uninterrupted, even if individual nodes fail. Furthermore, we have refined the reliability mechanisms of RAFT: in the event of a node's disk failure and subsequent inability to write, the system triggers a re-election, guaranteeing the cluster's continued service provision.
  • Improved usability: With the latest fixes and enhancements, this version now offers more flexible configuration management and a more user-friendly experience. Now, when adjusting a user, customers can independently modify the password or whitelist.

Augmented NebulaGraph Explorer and Dashboard

NebulaGraph Explorer now boasts support for CAS login authentication and three innovative message types, thereby enhancing compatibility, optimizing high availability, and streamlining usability.

The NebulaGraph Dashboard has been upgraded to support Zone cluster management, graph space size capacity warning management, and kernel permission management. These enhancements allow customers to manage and monitor their graph database systems with greater ease and efficiency. Moreover, the dashboard now facilitates the analysis of historical slow query statements, pinpointing the cause of slow queries with precision. Additionally, the NebulaGraph Dashboard now offers more adaptable configurations in terms of installation and deployment, enabling customers to deploy flexibly in line with enterprise security requirements.


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In essence, NebulaGraph Enterprise v3.6.0 continues to cement its status as a distributed graph database designed for handling super large-scale graphs with milliseconds of latency. With the added support for zone management, NebulaGraph Enterprise now offers customers heightened security, improved efficiency, and more cost-effective maintenance.

We're thrilled to present this enterprise-grade feature in NebulaGraph Enterprise v3.6.0, addressing our customers’ demands for high data reliability and consistency. We invite you to reach out to us for a trial.

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