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NebulaGraph Enterprise v3.7.0 Empowers Enterprises to Build Knowledge Graphs with a Few Clicks

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to the NebulaGraph Enterprise v3.7.0, featuring two groundbreaking modules: the Knowledge Graph Build (beta) and the AI Assistant. These innovative functions invite users to experience firsthand the seamless integration of graph technology and Large Language Models (LLMs) at a product level.

Knowledge Graph Build: Say Goodbye to High-Cost Knowledge Graph Construction

In the v3.7.0 of the NebulaGraph Enterprise, the KG Build function streamlines the creation of knowledge graphs by connecting to LLMs, automatically processing uploaded file data, transforming it into a knowledge graph, and storing it in the database. This new process not only drastically reduces manpower and resource needs but also significantly enhances data processing efficiency. Beyond supporting small-scale trial files, the KG Build function accommodates super large-scale file uploads to LLMs, allowing users to customize knowledge graph construction tasks for a more flexible and convenient process.

Historically, building a knowledge graph has been a daunting and costly task. Research from the University of Mannheim indicates that the manual creation of a triple for large-scale knowledge graphs costs between 2-6 US dollars. The creation of Cyc, one of the earliest general knowledge graphs, cost a staggering 120 million US dollars. KG Build revolutionizes this process, providing a comprehensive solution that simplifies knowledge graph construction, reduces costs, and enables the completion of knowledge graphs from data processing through a single platform. This marks the end of the era of high-cost, cumbersome knowledge graph construction, freeing enterprises from the need to invest significant manpower and financial resources into this project.

AI Assistant: Simplify Graph Query Languages through Natural Language Dialogue

Alongside KG Build, NebulaGraph Explorer v3.7.0 introduces the AI Assistant function for Graph Language Generation. Traditionally, the query language of graph databases has been a barrier for many users, often requiring systematic learning or professional assistance. The Graph Language Generation function of NebulaGraph Explorer v3.7.0 revolutionizes this process by supporting large language models and natural language dialogue. Users simply input natural language queries related to the graph database, and the AI assistant translates the query into a graph query statement. This function significantly reduces the usage threshold and enhances user efficiency, particularly for those unfamiliar with or not proficient in graph query language.

The newly introduced KG Build and AI Assistant not only address the high cost and complexity of knowledge graph construction but also significantly lower the query threshold of graph databases. These innovations have wide-ranging applications across various industries, empowering customers to implement more efficient and intelligent solutions in diverse business scenarios.

Since the rise of LLMs, NebulaGraph has been ardently exploring the combination and possibilities and potential of LLM and graph databases. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming product launches. If the Enterprise Edition 3.7.0 piques your interest, we encourage you to reach out to us.