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NebulaGraph v1.1 Release Note

NebulaGraph v1.1 is released. In this release, the team has greatly improve the stability and performance of NebulaGraph. There are also some bug fixes.


  • Remove the lock inside FunctionManager for better performance. #2273
  • Improve property-fetching performance by refactoring VertexHolder::getDefaultProp.#2249
  • Optimize GO statement performance by adopting unordered_map::reserve and vector::reserve, and removing storage query lock. #2268
  • Reduce the unnecessary creation of snapshots and optimize performance. #2287 #2318
  • Support configuring the prefix bloom filter for RocksDB. The prefix blooms can optimize QueryEdgeProps and QueryVertexProps performance, as well as reduce memory usage. #2274
  • Support configuring compaction_thread_limiter and rate_limiter options of RocksDB. #2251
  • Support obtaining RocksDB statistics through web service. #2262 #2243
  • Support more dynamically configurable options of RocksDB, such as max_open_files, memtable_huge_page_size. #2291
  • FETCH PROP ON supports fetching multiple tag properties on multiple vertexes. The previous command’s output can be passed to FETCH PROP ON as its input in the pipeline statement ("|"). FETCH PROP ON * supports getting the properties of multiple vertices. #2222 #117
  • Add a warning message for a partially successful query. #2290


  • Fix the leader election failure that may occur during the balancing process. #2232
  • Fix the issue that there may be more than one election request after the RAFT election failed. #2305
  • Fix the issue that the logging of the original service can't be recorded to the log file when the service was started multiple times. #2278 #2289
  • Fix the issue that raft lease is always valid when replica_factor is set to 1. #2276
  • Fix the issue that StorageClient scanVertex and scanEdge interfaces failed to return the results after enable_multi_versions is set to true. #2312
  • Fix the issue that USE SPACE and FIND PATH statements cannot work together in a query. #2303
  • Fix the issue that snapshots may be triggered unexpectedly. #2316
  • Fix the issue that storaged may crash when a vertex with related edges and index is deleted. #2335
  • Fix the issue that after ALTER TAG/EDGE ADD <props> , LOOKUP ON the newly added properties may make graphd crash. #2341
  • Fix the stale data problem when using LRUCache. #2267
  • Fix the bug that meta service cannot be stopped in some cases. #2240
  • Fix the issue that MetaClientTest.HeartbeatTest may be hung if the target port has already been used. #2296
  • Fix the bug when stopping metad before the initialization of job manager, metad may crash. #2332
  • Fix the bug that multiple indexes can exist for the same property set. #1695


  • Forbid range access for string-property indexes. For LOOKUP ON xxx WHERE xxx , if there are string properties in the WHERE clause, the exact-match index would be used to look up records. #2283 #2277
  • Forbid OR and XOR conditions in LOOKUP ON statement. #2283
  • The pipe (|) operation has deduped the input. #2292
  • The default value for rocksdb_disable_wal option has been changed to false. #2236

How to upgrade to v1.1.0

If you are already using NebulaGraph and want to upgrade to the latest version, then follow the steps below:

  1. Stop all Nebula services a. Execute scripts/nebula.service stop all on each machine b. Execute scripts/nebula.service status all to confirm all services are stopped
  2. Install the new RPM package on each machine according to the OS you are using a. Get package: https://github.com/vesoft-inc/nebula/releases/tag/v1.1.0 b. Install package: rpm -Uvh nebula-1.1.0.el6-5.x86_64.rpm
  3. Start Nebula a. Execute scripts/nebula.service start all on each machine b. Execute scripts/nebula.service status all to confirm Nebula services are started on each machine
  4. If you are currently using a version prior to RC4, please reload your data into NebulaGraph. Otherwise you can skip this step and start using NebulaGraph per your needs.

If you are new to NebulaGraph, feel free to download the assets here and get started now!

Have fun and let us know whenever you encounter any problem by leaving comments below!