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NebulaGraph Cloud is now available on the Azure marketplace, our first cloud offering

NebulaGraph Cloud is live on the Azure marketplace

We are thrilled to announce that NebulaGraph’s first cloud offering, NebulaGraph Cloud, is now available on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. Simply subscribe to the NebulaGraph Cloud service on the Azure marketplace for free and you can have a NebulaGraph cluster up and running in a matter of minutes.

NebulaGraph Cloud is a graph database as a service in the cloud that enables you to deploy NebulaGraph clusters without the hassle of managing infrastructure. The service is only available on the Azure cloud platform at the moment, but we already have plans to support other cloud vendors like Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

NebulaGraph is currently in public beta and it offers a generous discount of 70% off. The service provides an on-demand pricing model, which charges only for compute capacity and storage usage. With the 70% discount, you can set up a NebulaGraph cluster for as low as $0.35 per hour.

With NebulaGraph Cloud, you can create a graph database within minutes, and quickly expand computing and storage. It is also integrated with a wide range of Nebula visualization tools, including Nebula Dashboard and Nebula Explorer, which allow you to manage your clusters or play with your graph data in a web user interface.

NebulaGraph Cloud is now available on the Azure marketplace


  • ### Pay for what you use

With per-hour billing, you only pay for what you use. NebulaGraph Cloud allows you to choose different instance types and storage spaces for the Storage Engine and Query Engine upon creating the cluster. You can increase or decrease your compute capacity to meet the demands of your application and only pay for the instance you use.

Pay for what you use

  • ### A secure and intuitive management panel

NebulaGraph Cloud comes with an intuitive management panel that allows you to view your subscription information and logs, stop or transfer solutions (solution refers to the NebulaGraph database running on NebulaGraph Cloud), or scale in and out your cluster. The panel also supports a fine-grained access control. You can add database users with different role privileges to specific graph spaces to ensure your data security.

A secure and intuitive management panel

A secure and intuitive management panel

  • ### Seamless visualization integrations

NebulaGraph Cloud offers an end-to-end solution: a distributed and extensible graph database, sophisticated tools to manage data, and efficient dashboards to import graph data and run queries. It comes with Nebula Studio, Nebula Explorer, and Nebula Dashboard. You can use them to easily import, explore and analysis your graph data, and manage your graph database clusters, bringing you a seamless cloud experience.

Seamless visualization integrations

Seamless visualization integrations

Seamless visualization integrations

  • ### High availability and premium support

NebulaGraph clusters use Raft to implement data redundancy backup with multi-data center deployment to ensure the integrity of data, and the high availability of the cloud computing infrastructure and cloud servers. If you encounter any problems during use, you can quickly create a work order on your cloud management panel and a technical support specialist will help you solve your problem as soon as possible.

High availability and premium support

Lock in your beta pricing

You can now enjoy an exclusive discount of 70% OFF during the public beta( from February 10, 2022 to March 31, 2022 ), with the lowest configuration price being about $0.35/hour!

The good news is that all beta users will enjoy the discounted pricing forever, even after the beta!

Lock in your beta pricing

This picture provides an overview of different instance types and the pricing. For more details about all plans and prices, please visit our Azure marketplace lising page.

How can I get started?

Step 1: In Azure Marketplace, search for NebulaGraph Cloud in the search bar on the top, and you will see NebulaGraph Cloud showing in the results. Or you can directly click NebulaGraph Cloud to enter the subscription page.

Step 2: Select a configuration according to your own needs and click Set up + subscribe.

For details, please see our docs: https://docs.nebula-graph.io/2.6.2/nebula-cloud/1.what-is-cloud/

If you have anything questions, please start a discussion via Slack or email us at inquiry@vesoft.com to talk to our cloud specialists.