Pick of the Week at NebulaGraph - NebulaGraph Studio V1.2.1-beta Has Been Released

Pick of the Week

Normally the weekly issue covers NebulaGraph Updates and Community Q&As. If something major happens, it will also be covered in the additional Events of the Week section.

The 45th Friday of 2020 is passing soon. Let's see what's new with Graph Databases and NebulaGraph.

Events of the week

This release provides more data types and enhances the expression ability of nGQL. NebulaGraph 2.x will gradually become openCypher compatible.

NebulaGraph v2.0.0-alpha has been released

DB-Engines Ranking of Graph DBMS

NebulaGraph remains unchanged in the November ranking, but the score is getting pretty close to the previous two databases.

NebulaGraph Updates

NebulaGraph Studio V1.2.1-beta has been released.

  1. Now you can import edge types and use aliases to specify edges with the Open in Explore function.
  2. Studio can now visualize the query results of Find Path statements.


Community Q&A

This week's topic is from community user @85278161 about using NebulaGraph as the independent database of an online B2C mall.

Question: Online B2C malls use ACID databases such as MySQL and TiDB for the recommendation system, but multi-table queries can be very slow.

  1. Can we use NebulaGraph independently as the database of an online B2C mall?
  2. How can we use NebulaGraph together with TiDB or MySQL, while NebulaGraph functions as a database for querying relationship graphs?

NebulaGraph: Using relational databases and graph databases together in recommendation systems is a common technology stack. For example, you can link order numbers and phone numbers with edges in NebulaGraph and make associated queries. Whenever an order is stored in the relational database, the related vertices and edges in NebulaGraph are updated accordingly.

As for the details, it depends on what you want to recommend. Data modeling is always the key.

Follow-up question: Thank you. How to synchronize operations such as insertion, modification, and deletion from relational databases to NebulaGraph? Shall we perform the operations on both databases simultaneously from the server, or use some functions of the relational databases, such as logs or subscription in MySQL?

NebulaGraph: From the system design perspective, using subscriptions are certainly better than inserting data directly in the business layer. The former method decouples the modules from each other more, and the system can be more stable. Even if the recommendation has a problem, it will not affect the transaction. This may slightly affect the real-time performance of the data recommendation, but it should be acceptable.

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