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NebulaGraph RC2 Release Note


In our RC2 version, we have made several improvements re the nGQL query language, our Storage Engine, CSV Importer, as well as added Java, Python, and Go Clients.

Below is a detailed rundown of the newly added features:

Query engine

  • Support GROUP BY to group items that have the same values, often used with aggregate functions (COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM, AVG, etc.) to group the result-set by one or more property field. #749
  • UPDATE CONFIGS supports expression #1273
  • Support changing log severity level and verbose level from console #1273
  • Support IF…RETURN… to return the result if a specified condition is true #1233 、#1246
  • String properties could have unlimited length #1103
  • When insert vertices and edges, users can specify properties order instead of following the schema defined order #1219
  • tag/edge type properties can have explicit default values. #860
  • GO FROM … REVERSELY to implement reverse query #1349

Storage engine

  • Support SHOW PARTS to fetch the partition information of current space #1086
  • Support BALANCE STOP to stop load balance process #1238
  • Support triggering the compaction and flush manually #677, #1240
  • Change BlockBasedTable default block cache size from 4MB to 1024MB #1248
  • Change default partition from 1024 number to 100 #1330
  • Add max_edge_returned_per_vertex gflags option to limit the return size of supper vertex #1221
  • Add cache for vertex #1294 #1268
  • Upgrade dependencies folly and fbthrift #1161


  • Enhance CSV Importer, user can import CSV using docker image. See Nebula Importer for more details.


  • Add Python client, see Python Client for more details.
  • For Golang client, see Go Client.
  • Java client has been uploaded to Nexus Repository, see Java Client for more details.


  • Remove commands ADD/REMOVE HOSTS , the hosts could be discovered automatically #1172

Coming soon

See our roadmap for RC3 for the features coming soon.

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