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NebulaGraph v2.0 GA Release Note

v2.0 GA Release note

NebulaGraph 2.0 GA is here! In this version, nGQL expression capability has been improved; the performance of data inserts with index has also been enhanced. NebulaGraph is gradually compatible with openCypher starting from this version.

Check out the new features and improvements in detail below.

New Features

  • vertexID supports both Integer and String.
  • New data types:
    • NULL: the property can be set to NULL. NOT NULL constraint is also supported
    • Composite types: LIST, SET, and MAP(Cannot be set as property types)
    • Temporal types: DATE and DATETIME.
    • FIXED_STRING: a fixed size String
  • Full-text indexes are supported to do prefix, wildcard, regex, and fuzzy search on a string property.
  • Explain & Profile outputs the execution plan of an nGQL statement and execution profile.
  • Subgraph to retrieve vertices and edges reachable from the start vertices.
  • Support to collect statistics of the graph space.
  • OpenCypher compatibility
    • Partially support the MATCH clause
    • Support RETURN, WITH, UNWIND, LIMIT & SKIP clauses
  • More built-in functions
    • Predicate functions
    • Scalar functions
    • List functions
    • Aggregating functions
    • Mathematical functions
    • String functions
    • Temporal functions


  • Optimize the performance of inserting, updating, and deleting data with indexes.
  • LOOKUP ON filtering data supports OR and AND operators.
  • FIND PATH supports finding paths with or without regard to direction, and also supports excluding cycles in paths.
  • SHOW HOSTS graph/meta/storage supports to retrieve the basic information of graphd/metad/storaged hosts.


  • The data type of vertexID must be specified when creating a graph space.
  • FETCH PROP ON returns a composite object if not specify the result set.
  • Changed the default port numbers of metad, graphd, and storaged.
  • Refactor metrics counters.

Nebula-graph Console

  • Supports local commands mode. :set csv outputs the query results to the console and the specified CSV file. For more information, please refer to nebula-console.


Support connection pool and load balance.

NebulaGraph Studio

With Studio, you can create a graph schema, load data, execute nGQL statements, and explore graphs in one stop. For more information, please refer to nebula-web-docker.

Known Issues

  • https://github.com/vesoft-inc/nebula-graph/issues/860

How to Upgrade

Please refer to how to upgrade.

If you have any problem, please head over to the Discussions for discussion.