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NebulaGraph Year in Review 2023 Part 2: Open-source Collaboration Benefits Greater and More

In Part 1, we have journeyed back to all the milestones of NebulaGraph database and its ecosystem tools. In Part 2, let’s take a look at how the open-source community collaboration enables NebulaGraph to benefit more community users.

Practical Tools Contributed by the Community

Beyond the official NebulaGraph tools, the nebula-contrib organization has embraced a variety of practical tools contributed by our community. We have seen several exciting additions this year.

Partnership with Ecosystem Projects

In addition, we have also worked closely with other open-source projects to provide users with an effortless experience.

  • Apache Doris: Zhihu's technical team added the graph engine NebulaGraph to Doris, realizing integration with the graph engine based on multi-dimensional analysis and full-text retrieval. Doris#19209
  • KubeBlocks: KubeBlocks’ team completed the integration of KubeBlocks and NebulaGraph, allowing more K8s enthusiasts to have more database deployment options. KubeBlocks#3944 and KubeBlocks#3981

NebulaGraph + LLMs

Nothing can be more trending this year than Large machine learning models (LLMs). NebulaGraph leverages its strength in handling intricate data relationships to deliver enhanced contextual comprehension. This, in turn, yields more precise and insightful outcomes. Further enriching its offerings, NebulaGraph's Graph RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) combines knowledge graphs with LLMs to provide more cost-effective, intelligent, and precise search results. In case you missed the latest updates, below are the links you could dive into.

What’s more, online community programs are one of our focuses to engage with our community all over the world. From Hacktoberfest, to Celebrating Thanksgiving with NebulaGraph and Query Statements Commentary Program, we’ve seen participants join, contribute and give feedback. We are so thankful for the engagement and we look forward to more chances to communicate with all community members. The image below shows all the contributors’ headshots of NabulaGraph and total number of PRs submitted. We feel heartfelt thankful to all of you.


Keep heading to a better NebulaGraph

Reflecting on the year that has passed, NebulaGraph's journey through 2023 has been marked by significant advancements and a steadfast commitment to stability and high performance. We would like to express our sincerest thanks to all our users, partners, and team members for their unwavering support and dedication. We are excited about what lies ahead and we can't wait to share our journey with you.

Here's to another year of growth, innovation, and success with NebulaGraph!