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NebulaGraph Database v3.4.0 Release Note

NebulaGraph Community Edition v3.4.0 is out. This version brings new features of Kill Sessions, Memory Tracker, and so forth, in addition to continuous stability optimization.



  • Optimize job management. #5212 #5093 #5099 #4872

  • Modify the default value of the Graph service parameter session_reclaim_interval_secs to 60 seconds. #5246

  • Adjust the default level of stderrthreshold in the configuration file. #5188

  • Optimize the full-text index. #5077 #4900 #4925

  • Limit the maximum depth of the plan tree in the optimizer to avoid stack overflows. #5050

  • Optimize the treatment scheme when the pattern expressions are used as predicates. #4916



  • The added property name can not be the same as an existing or deleted property name, otherwise, the operation of adding a property fails. #5130
  • Limit the type conversion when modifying the schema. #5098
  • The default value must be specified when creating a property of type NOT NULL. #5105
  • Add the multithreaded query parameter query_concurrently to the configuration file with a default value of true. #5119
  • Remove the parameter kv_separation of the KV separation storage function from the configuration file, which is turned off by default. #5119
  • Modify the default value of local_config in the configuration file to true. #5119
  • Consistent use of v.tag.property to get property values, because it is necessary to specify the Tag. Using v.property to access the property of a Tag on v was incorrectly allowed in the previous version. #5230
  • Remove the column HTTP port from the command SHOW HOSTS. #5056
  • Disable the queries of the form OPTIONAL MATCH <pattern> WHERE <condition>. #5273
  • Disable TOSS. #5119
  • Rename Listener's pid filename and log directory name. #5119

Notes for upgrading

To upgrade to v3.4.0, follow the upgrade guide:

If you encounter any problems in the process of using NebulaGraph, please refer to NebulaGraph Database Manual to troubleshoot the problem. It records in detail the knowledge points and specific usage of the graph database and the graph database NebulaGraph.

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