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NebulaGraph Database v3.6.0 Release Note

The NebulaGraph Community Edition v3.6.0 has arrived! In this release, we have bolstered the full-text index capabilities and fine-tuned the performance of MATCH operations in select scenarios.

Let's take a quick look at the specific updates introduced in the new version 😄



  • Support variables when querying vertex id or property index in a match clause. #5486 #5553

  • Support parallel startup of RocksDB instances to speed up the startup of the Storage service. #5521

  • Optimize the prefix search performance of the RocksDB iterator after the DeleteRange operation. #5525

  • Optimize the appendLog sending logic to avoid impacting write performance when a follower is down. #5571

  • Optimize the performance of the MATCH statement when querying for non-existent properties. #5634

Bug fixes

  • Fix the bug of meta data inconsistency. #5517

  • Fix the bug that RocksDB ingest causes the leader lease to be invalid. #5534

  • Fix the error in the statistics logic of storage. #5547

  • Fix the bug that causes the web service to crash if a flag is set for an invalid request parameter. #5566

  • Fix the bug that too many logs are printed when listing sessions. #5618

  • Fix the crash of the Graph service when executing a single big query. #5619

  • Fix the crash of the Graph service when executing the Find All Path statement. #5621 #5640

  • Fix the bug that some expired data is not recycled at the bottom level. #5447 #5622

  • Fix the bug that adding a path variable in the MATCH statement causes the all() function push-down optimization to fail. #5631

  • Fix the bug in the MATCH statement that returns incorrect results when querying the self-loop by the shortest path. #5636

  • Fix the bug that deleting edges by pipe causes the Graph service to crash. #5645

  • Fix the bug in the MATCH statement that returns missing properties of edges when matching multiple hops. #5646


Enhance full-text index features with the following changes:

  • The original full-text indexing function has been changed from calling Elasticsearch's Term-level queries to Full text queries.

  • In addition to supporting wildcards, regulars, fuzzy matches, etc. (but the syntax has been changed), support for word splitting (relying on Elasticsearch's own word splitter) has been added, and the query results include scoring results. For more syntax, see official Elasticsearch documentation.

Legacy versions

Release notes of legacy versions

If you come across any problems while using NebulaGraph, please don't hesitate to seek solutions within the NebulaGraph Database Manual. It records in detail the knowledge points and specific usage of the graph database NebulaGraph.

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